Digital marketing is one of the most dynamic sectors in the modern world and requires continuous testing and self-education to stay one step ahead. Here at Digital Dialogue, we have curated 5 of the hottest digital marketing tips for 2020. Each of these digital marketing tips are relevant to a wide audience, but some are more specific than others. Let’s jump in and take a look at these 5 digital marketing tips for 2020.

If you’re short on time you can skip ahead to each digital marketing tip:

  • Conversion Focussed Facebook Ads
  • Think about the big picture
  • Influencer Marketing
  • Investing More in Content
  • Persona Branding & Audience Building
  • Tip 1: Conversion Focussed Facebook Ads

    Our number one tip is it’s not anything earth-shattering but it’s still to focus any Facebook ads you have around conversions. That’s really about looking at the conversions in the ads and making sure that you’re optimising your ads that way. 

    For example, Facebook has a brand new size for images, and video, so you can now use a 4:5 ratio. That would be like if you’re using an oblong, similar to 180 pixels by 1350 pixels. 

    This dimension really stands out in the newsfeed more because it’s a bit taller. 

    And you can size your images that way and you can size your photos that way. Those are going to be a little bit more eye-catching. Because the real point is to be eye-catching. And you don’t have to have really professional video shots; you could just make a video that looks unique, like user-generated content.

    The majority of people quite often are viewing Facebook news feeds on their mobile devices, right. Therefore if the image of your video is that 4:5 ratio then you’re actually taking up about twice the real estate compared with a conventional 16:9 video.

    It looks great on mobile, and that’s another thing too. You want your videos to look really good on mobile. Not too many people are doing this right now. Start doing that to stand out a little bit more. Here are some tips to avoid Facebook Ad mistakes.

    Tip 2: Think About The Big Picture!

    This is one of the most important digital marketing tips for 2020. There are so many different channels and pieces of martech, and the landscape will likely only continue to grow. Start with a customer-centric approach to the purchase journey, which is basically just putting yourself in their shoes and thinking about what information they need as well as their decision factors and then try to map your campaigns around that including cross channel touchpoints. 

    To get a better pulse on funnel performance, set up those micro-conversions, track the journey and then map your audiences to the funnel. Audiences are a great tool for designing and supporting those paths, especially across multiple channels.

    With that, an actionable tip is to make sure that you’re spending some time identifying those best audiences to drive the most potential revenue, including first party and third party audiences. 

    To do that, look in Google Analytics at your demographic and interest data in reports for some good third party audiences that might make sense to promote. And even if you’re not pushing those right now, what you’ll find is which of those audiences are your most common purchasers or converters falling into. If you spend more there, you could potentially drive more transactions and conversions, and then create custom reports in Google Analytics to identify other valuable segments we’re basing audiences upon. 

    Things like page depth and time and really find where is that benchmark where people are starting to spend more or people are more likely to convert, so you can create audiences based upon that and then be sure to have that audience report within Google Analytics set up so that you can make sure that you’re reviewing the performance across all channels and campaigns. 

    Once you have all of your audiences set up in Google Analytics, you can see which of those are proving to be most valuable. And then you can also use those as custom view segments in custom reports and custom dashboards. So you can not only monitor performance, but you can also identify opportunities to improve the performance of those audiences by looking at things like “What content do they like?”,  “Which channels are converting those audiences the best?”, and things like that. 

    We have an article that will help you extract more value from your marketing data.

    Tip 3: Influencer Marketing

    I know it’s not a new concept, but many companies are devoting more time than ever to influencer marketing.

    Building trust is crucial. And we all know that people trust people, and word of mouth has become more trustworthy than any form of advertising at the moment. People are getting tired of seeing posts that are created purely just to sell; they want to see more trustworthy information. 

    And I think we’re going to see a lot more of it in 2020. And the reason for its growth is because people are becoming more sceptical of their brands and their marketing tactics.

    How good is influencer marketing?

    Influencer marketing really is a force to be reckoned with. And the great thing is, as well, we’re seeing there’s an actual rise in digital influencers and micro-influencers, who basically are individuals who grow in their own social media accounts in these areas. 

    And what we know for sure at the moment is these types of influences who are currently dominating the market. So they’re the ones creating viral content. And for the most part, people want to watch real people. They’re more engaging, they’re more entertaining and they’re more relatable. So it’s a really great opportunity for businesses of any size to get involved in influencer marketing because it’s such a great opportunity out there to grab.

    Here are five steps to get people started involved who have not started with influencer marketing yet:

    Influencer Tip 1

    First of all, you need to grow your followers and build your own community. Keep your message consistent and show your personality and really let people get to know you and your business. Because after all, you’re building your own trust within your own audience.

    Influencer Tip 2

    Secondly, make a list of the influencers you’d like to connect with. So start with some small to medium size accounts and add in a few big ones that really inspire you. But the point is to focus on quality, not quantity, and those who really have an impact on your target audience. 

    Influencer Tip 3

    The next tip is to start building relationships with those influences. And in order for the partnerships to work, don’t just view it as transactional. You’ve got to think about it long term, not short term, it’s gonna take a long time to build these relationships. There are various ways you can do it. You can provide value, share their content, reply to their posts, tag them in posts, and show them that you are endorsing them.

    You could also quote them in your blog posts, and when you share it on social media, tag them in it, and send them a message again. And once you’ve built up a good enough relationship, you could contact them to see if they’d like to collaborate with you. 

    Influencer Tip 4

    Define your goals and how you’ll measure success. So if you’re doing influencer marketing, are you looking for exposure engagement, or are you looking for more, click-throughs and sales? This is really important when deciding who to collaborate with. 

    Influencer Tip 5

    Most importantly, if you’re going to pay for collaboration, please do your own research and make sure you’re transparent with your partnerships. Because just because they might have a high number of followers, it doesn’t necessarily mean that you’ll get the results that you wanted. And we won’t have as many accounts out there with fake followers nowadays. So just make sure you do your research and don’t get caught in the trap.

    Tip 4: Investing More In Content

    There was a time when literally, you could build it and they would come. You could hit publish, and the search engines and social media would drive all the traffic you needed. Well, in today’s day and age, there’s so much content on the internet. It doesn’t quite work that way for most businesses. The average television ad executive spends $5 on distribution and promotion of their content for every dollar they spend on creative. We need to rewire our brains in 2020 and understand that we need to put more budget behind the content that we produce. 

    Now, we all know that interruptive advertising and display and banners, they, they tend to have miserable performance. Okay. Well, that’s what has given rise to both influencer marketing, as well as native advertising. So native advertising is really the amplification and the promotion of real content. We’re not talking landing pages, we’re not talking product pages, we’re talking real top of the funnel content.

    The Click Economy

    Now, the last thing we’ll say is that we’re starting to evolve from a click economy in paid media to an engagement economy. So think of it like this; in years past, it was normal for you to pay per thousand impressions. It was an impressions economy. Now, most of the solutions are based on a click economy. Well, that’s problematic because as content marketers, what do we want, we want engagement with our content. We don’t care about the click, because the truth is two-thirds of those clicks bounce before 15 seconds. If you are need of more content marketing tips, check out this article.

    We need to rewire our brains and understand that distribution is critical today in our noisy, noisy internet.

    Tip 5: Personal Branding & Audience Building

    Tip 6 is focused around list building and people wanting to grow their audiences. However, we want you to think about it in a little bit of a different way for 2020. Think about how you can connect with your audience through authenticity and through showing a more personal side of yourself so that people get to know who you are. 

    We want you to think of it in ways not just from a sharing on social media i.e. things like Insta stories. We want you to think about what content can you share where you are showing that personal side of you. Think about what blog posts, what podcast episodes, you can share where you’re, you’re showing a little bit more of your personal side, because at the end of the day, the main difference between you and your competitor in a huge market, and social media is a massive market. It’s you! You’re the only thing that really is standing apart. So for them to truly get to know you. You’ve got to show some of that personal side. 

    We don’t want people to sit there thinking they need hundreds of thousands of people in their audience. They don’t need massive audiences. They need very warm and strongly built relationship audiences for people to then follow them and engage with them and buy their product or service.


    There you have it! 5 different digital marketing tips that could give you an advantage in the marketplace. We have a lot more tips where these came from so make sure to check out all of our digital marketing news.



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