The benefits of longtail keywords are many. Some are obvious and some less so. Today we look at some of the lesser know benefits of longtail keywords. Keyword research is the foundation of search-focussed content marketing. If you’re not investing the time to conduct the initial keyword research before undertaking a content marketing campaign, then you will fail. These days, most people very much understand the importance of this stage, but fewer understand the importance and value that researching long-tail keywords can have on their campaigns.

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What Are Longtail Keywords?

Longtail keywords are keywords that are 3+ word phrases. Not one or two-word keywords like home insurance, web design or cake recipes. We’re talking about things like cheap cake recipe or home insurance for apartments

What most people don’t realise is you already rank for some keywords, even if you only get 1000 visitors a month or 500 visitors a month. If you go to Google Search Console, you can see what you’re ranking for

Even if the term you’re ranking for is a four-word term, like home insurance for apartments, you can end up going and finding variations of that term. Yes, they don’t get searched as much. But if you’re already ranking for terms on Google, add in longer tail variations of that term, even if it’s adding an additional word or two words at the end, it’s a great way to boost your traffic.

How To Scale This?

When your content on scale, one of the biggest pain points is when you hire other writers. They don’t necessarily know how to do keyword research and they’re not going to want to spend time learning how to use a new SEO tool. But if you can train them up on how to do longtail keyword research using the above tip or tools like Long Tail Pro, then you’re adding a lot of value to your content production.

Upgrading Old Content

We always talk about the importance of upgrading your content or maintaining your content. Let’s say you have a piece that’s driving a good amount of traffic, say a couple of thousand visits a month, you add a paragraph to it maybe every other month or so. 

Now in that paragraph, if you stuff it with a bunch of useless content that’s adding no value. You have to do the keyword research for keywords that are relevant to add to it, but also think about how to continue to make the experience better? How to add more value to the piece that is being upgraded and then if you’re able to add in these longtail keywords to existing content or even to the new content that you’re producing. If you do this you will pick up more traffic from doing it.

A lot of people don’t think about the longtail oftentimes. Even today in 2020 people still focus only on broad terms like home insurance instead of thinking about long-tail variations.

Content Decay

You may notice that some of your content is performing less well over time. We call this content decay. If you use the above tips on these pages, what we have found is that not only will you recover the lost traffic, but actually increase the volume of traffic that the page generates. 

Just make sure that when you are adding new content, which may include long-tail keywords, that you are optimising for humans first and Google second. 


The importance of longtail keywords cannot be overstated. Time and time again it has proven to add a lot of value to not only newly produced content but also to old content that has lost visibility over time. Make sure that you spend your time in the right areas and you’ll reap the rewards. If you’re reading this to help improve your content marketing campaign, then you should check out our advice for rapid growth.

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