Social media in 2020 has seen a huge increase in usage due to the global lockdown and social media’s ability to connect people. Today, we’re discussing the future of social media and what we feel some of the major changes will be by the year’s end.

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Everyone Has a Story to Tell

Everyone’s going to have a story by the end of the year. Twitter’s coming out with stories are called fleets. LinkedIn is coming out with stories, too. You see Instagram stories, snap stories, Facebook stories, everyone has a story to tell. Stories are an incredibly engaging medium and has proven to be an incredible marketing tool for that reason. Considering those, we predict that stories will be on every platform and used by an increasing number of businesses to promote themselves.

Story-based Landing Pages

The other thing that you’re going to start seeing through social media is way people monetise through social media. Currently, the norm is to push an Ad out to a social media platform and then bring the user to a landing and convert you from there. Our prediction is that brands will use stories to create a different user journey. Instead of displaying the content on landing pages, brands will create stories that deliver their message through a series of stories and do the heavy lifting on the social media platform. The reason being is you lose a lot of people from driving them from social media to the landing page.

Influencer Hacking

What we’re seeing is anyone who’s using influencers, their conversion numbers go through their roof. If influencers are talking about your product or service, the conversions are just so much higher. One thing that we’re seeing as a huge trend is not just using influencers, but figuring out how to get them for dirt cheap. A good example of this is Cameo. If you can get an influencer to record a script really short and to the point, using cameo, which is really dirt cheap, and then use it as your ad or your social posting, you’ll see your conversions jump through the roof. The numbers are amazing.

We would say go out there and search for the hashtags that you’re looking for out there. Look for the people that have maybe 10 – 50,000 followers. You want to look for the up and comers, this doesn’t just apply to Instagram, but look for the YouTubers that are out there too. Remember, the more well known the person is, the better it works.

Create an Everywhere Effect

If you’re creating all this content, you should spend anywhere from $5 to $10 a day on ads for this content, whether it’s boosting it on Facebook or Instagram, and just trying to get more reach. You can create this everywhere effect where people that have seen your content already you’re retargeting them with additional content and you’re giving you’re continuing to give value that’s going to compound over time.

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